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          English, as an important part of the education system, has different curriculum difficulties at different ages. Especially for primary school education, we should fully consider the cultivation of children's interest in English. Therefore, we should pay attention to both knowledge and interest in the integration of curriculum content, which is very helpful to improve children's English level, The importance of oral English ability is also a major way to improve children's English level. Foreignerhr foreign teachers' foreign teachers' courses can improve children's oral English level.


          Exploring the high-quality curriculum resources of English training is of great help to improve the learning environment and teaching conditions. Especially in the education system of primary education, children's English has become an essential and important curriculum, which is very beneficial to improving children's performance in learning English. I believe most children's parents will have a rational understanding of this, At the same time, there will be a significant improvement in the performance trend. After all, this can reasonably cultivate children's interest in learning.


          For the existing English training mechanism, the adaptability of children's oral English training is far from enough. Therefore, we should build an interesting teaching system to ensure that children's learning needs can be fully met. In terms of the curriculum arrangement of children's learning English, oral English training is also essential. If conditions permit, Children's oral training ability can be improved through foreign teacher courses, which is also very intuitive to highlight the advantages of foreignerhr foreign teachers. Once the high-quality course content is widely used, it will play a good auxiliary role in mobilizing the English learning enthusiasm of preschool children. In particular, it is of great reference value in creating an atmosphere for children to learn English. Therefore, it is not surprising that they can improve their oral ability.